Lancaster was the capital of the US for one whole day, September 27th, 1777.

We are home to the 15th President of the United States, James Buchanan. You can still tour his house, Wheatland

We were also home to Milton Hershey of, you guessed it Hershey’s Chocolate. He apprenticed a local confectioner and then eventually went on to open the tremendously  successful Lancaster Caramel Company. He would later sell that company and use the money to open Hershey’s Chocolate Factory, now Hershey’s Chocolate World.  

Our local Theatre, The Fulton Opera House is said to be one of the oldest working theaters in America. 

Lancaster Central Market, located in our town square also happens to be the oldest continuously running public farmers market in the country. 

And Strasburg Railroad is the US’s oldest continuously operating Railroad 

The now national brand, Turkey Hill, had its humble beginnings right here in Lancaster County. Today you can learn all about the company, and even create your own ice cream flavor when visit The Turkey Hill Experience!

Lancaster County boasts one of the “Coolest Small Towns in America” Lititz