Arianna and Ruby were so happy for the chance to chat with some of the amazing volunteers and staff who help to run Homefields Care Farm in Millersville, Pennsylvania. If you are not familiar with this phenomenal organization, you won’t want to miss this 2 part feature! 👩‍🌾 👨‍🌾 

In this first part we focus on the history of Homefields as well as some of the programs and volunteer opportunities they offer. Part 2 (see below) is all about the farm and their CSA!

PO Box 41 • 150 Letort Road
Millersville, PA 17551 USA



Arianna and Ruby sat down with Kelly and Katie, who are in charge of keeping the farm at Homefields Incorporated CSA running smoothly! They explained what a care farm is, taught us about CSAs, and let us in on how Homefields makes farming accessible for EVERYONE ❤️ 🚜